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Kassel’s university, founded in 1971, is firmly allied to the region while maintaining international contacts. It attracts more than 17,000 students from over 100 countries worldwide. Study courses consisting of different modules in accordance with international standards as well as practical aspects and close contact between students and professors are the hallmark of the University of Kassel. There are also other attractive features; for instance, the university is well equipped with student hostels and cafeterias as well as being one of the most attractive campuses in the whole of Germany.

The human race, the environment, art and technology: these are the subjects at the centre of research and work done by the different faculties at the university of Kassel in conjunction with scientific centres covering a wide range of specialized areas.

The potential which the University of Kassel has at its disposal is characterized by the special relationship linking related faculties - engineering, natural sciences and mathematics on the one hand and humanities, social sciences and art on the other. The balance achieved through this range of subjects offers rare opportunities to overlap in areas of work and research. This facilitates innovative cooperation and contributes to the unique scientific profile of this university.

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